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Places to Barbecue in Trento
Places to Barbecue in Trento

Places to Barbecue in Trento

Spring is almost here! The long cold winter days are almost behind us. One of the best ways to celebrate the longer days and the sunshine is to get outside and gather your friends for a little barbecue. In Trento you can’t generally barbecue in every park, you need to use one of the designated grill spots. Here is a list of some of our favorite spots.

CUS Nautico

Where: via delle spiagette, 7, 38057 Valcanover TN, Italy

This is one of the best places to organize a bigger barbecue. They have a covered area with two big grill hot plates. You need to reserve this in advance and it costs a few Euro. I can’t remember how much it costs, but its not bad. Call them to check The nautical center is right on Lake Caldonazzo and is run by the university. You can rent boats and go for a swim. There is a volleyball court and bathrooms. It’s a really great place. It usually opens from May onwards.

Parco de le Poze

Where: Sardagna

This park is famous for the large edible chestnut grove found there, but did you know there are also several grill areas here? This is a good one for warm days as it is mostly in the shade. During the fall you can also combine this with a visit to the chestnuts. You can easily get here by taking the cable car and then going on a little 20-minute walk up the hill. You can grab supplies for your bbq in the Coop in the center of Sardagna.

Parco Campel

Where: Via per Campel, 91, 38121 Trento TN, Italy

This is a large barbecue area which is quiet and secluded which is why sometimes there are also big parties up here. The park is shady and there is a covered area if the weather changes. It’s close to several climbing areas like Cartoon Network so also makes for a great combined day of climbing and grilling. You can reach the town of Villamontagna by public transit, and then walk up to the park in about 15 minutes. When we were last here only one of the several grill areas still had the metal grate, so you might need to bring your own.

Centa San Nicolo

Where: Centa San Nicolo

A really gorgeous spot along a river with great mountain views. It’s a bit hard to get to. You’ll definitely need a car for this one. This is a great place for a really hot day as the canyon means you are in the shade and river brings down the temperature too. We didn’t find the right spot but there should be more bbq areas along the river and I heard there is one spot which also has a little waterfall where you can cool off in the river.

Forte Di Mezzo a Mattarello

Where: Mattarello

I haven’t been here so I can’t 100% confirm there are grill areas, but some friends have gone and mentioned this to me. It looks sunny and with nice views over the town.

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