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Services in EN

Services in EN

Navigating life in Trento can be hard without knowing Italian. Getting basic services like seeing a doctor, consulting a pharmacist or even just getting a haircut can become overwhelming. Here is a running list of various services and providers who speak English. I hope to expand this over time. Please let us know if you have any to add by commenting or using our contact form.

English Speaking Doctors (general practitioners) in Trento

Up-to-date info can be found here on the university website

Dr. Gianfranco Atansio l.go nazario sauro 8

Dr. Stefano Atansio l.go nazario sauro 8

Dr. Emanuel D’amore viale Giordano 8

Dr. Elisa Gabriella viale Giovanelli 25

Dr. Mauro Latina Via Giordano 4 This is my doctor. Very chill friendly guy and speaks good English. Just as importantly his receptionist speaks good English so it’s easy to make an appointment.

Dr. Bilal Mohtadi Via Antonio Gramsci, 40/A, 38123 Trento TN

English Speaking Pharmacies in Trento

Parafarmacia dott. Roberto Gius Via Giuseppe Canestrini, 25, 38122 Trento TN the owner of the pharmacy is almost always at the counter and speaks excellent English.

English Speaking Dentists in Trento

Up to date info can be found here on the university website

Studi Odontoiatrici WHITE Via del Brennero, 136, 38121 Trento TN both the doctors and receptionist speak English here from what I’ve heard. I am not sure if it is a public or private clinic.

Studio Azzini Via Grazioli 59

Studio odontoiatrico associato dr. Scalet & Dr. Visintainer Via Belenzani, 47

Studio Associato Tomasi e Bottamed Via Degli Orti, 15

Dr. Giulio Martinelli Via Gian Battista Lampi, 7

Dental office Dr. Massimo Vettori Via Asiago, 7

Studio dentistico Fumarola Dr. Martino Fumarola Via dei Muredei, 29

English Speaking Physical Therapists in Trento

Fabrizio Bonifacio – Google says he speaks English. He is in Bolzano not Trento

English Speaking Barbers in Trento

Balde Barber Via XXIV Maggio, 2/2, 38122 Trento TN the owner speaks decent English. You can also book an appointment online without needing to call. Haircuts cost 24€.

English Speaking Phone and Internet Service Providers in Trento

Vodafone Corso III Novembre Corso 3 Novembre 1918, 84, 38122 Trento TN Look for the only woman who works here. She speaks flawless English (and Spanish) and is very nice and helpful.

English Speaking Realtors in Trento

Soluzione Casa Via dei Paradisi, 15 ask for Elena. She speaks English and is fantastic.

Cestari Paolo e Suardi Roberto Snc Maurizio comes highly recommended by my friends.

English Speaking Banks in Trento

Sorry, no clue! Let me know if you find something.

English Speaking Mechanics in Trento

HA good luck

English Speaking Taxi Drivers in Trento

That would be nice…

English Speaking Veterinarians in Trento

No clue